Quanta Platform is a diverse software system capable of providing all critical business applications in a single, cohesive application. 

It’s a true transformative customer engagement platform provding CRM, online ordering and e-commerce, online content management, automated communication, document management and more. This complete ecosystem of end to end business functionality allows  helps drive business efficiency and increases customer engagement.

Quanta's functional modules are ready to use “out-of-the-box” and require minimal styling to make them ready to match your desired features and branding requirements. For growing businesses which require a solution tailored to unique needs Quanta Platform can be extended to provide custom functionality to drive more customer engagement, business efficiency and revenue.

At its core, Quanta is founded on open source LAMP architecture. The system is designed to be used as an application by someone who isn’t necessarily a developer, however, if you have advanced requirements then the system can be extended as needed using the development tools and environment.

Now in its fourth generation, Quanta Platform has over 15 plug-in modules available covering everything from surveys through to inventory control, call centres and beyond. There are also foundation applications built on Quanta Platform which are highly functional. These foundation applications are available with setup plus cloud application "pay-as-you-go" basis. 

As an agency, WorldWeb has designed and developed over 600 projects on Quanta Platform over a period of 8 years. The platform drives significant e-commerce revenues transacting over AUD$16m in 2015.



Since its inception in 2006, the Quanta platform has evolved and expanded to encompass myriad industry solutions under one umbrella system. With the in-house innovated Taste Buddy, Quanta exhibited a culmination of years of development able to power new technologies. A year later and Taste Buddy has already exploded into its own platform in the multifaceted system that is Acordo.


At WorldWeb Management Services we have a long and successful working experience with Magento, which is fast becoming the world’s biggest E-commerce platform, with over 250,000+ retailers in the world, ranging from small start-ups to giant enterprises. With an average 300% sales increase experienced by Magento users it's not suprising this momentum shows no sign of slowing.

This platform allows us to significantly customize our clients’ E-commerce stores, while also offering a large number of different features to increase a website’s functionality.

The nature of the Magento platform allows for every shopping experience to be completely unique and perfectly adapted for your businesses needs. With a hefty amount of out-of-the-box features and seamless integration into other commerce systems, WorldWeb has a solution for all business types.

From small businesses starting up to global franchises looking to switch to a more comprehensive system, Magento has the flexibility and support to help any business succeed and achieve record growth.

Magento's Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities are also a boon for maximising that growth. With detailed reports we can analyse your businesses performance online, suggest strengths to cover weaknesses, identify important customers and demographics, and let you know which products and promotions are really motivating consumers.

 In anticipation of all the extra sales you'll be making, we can offer a range of storage and server options. Your site will always be online and working hard, even during busy seasons or particularly tantalising promotions.

The simplicity of Magento means that you can be as reactive to the market as you like. Stay ahead of trends with new brands, take advantage of new markets, and incorporate emerging business models easily with a flexible array of tools and extensions to keep your site fresh.

Magento is not only an intuitive experience for consumers but also for site administrators. Magento is completely responsive allowing you to work from anywhere and stay on top of your commerce goals.

Must have benefits of Magento:

  • Top rated transaction and e-commerce solution
  • Order processing, inventory management, shipping charges, coupon management, etc
  • Multiple payment gateway options
  • Outstanding e-marketing tools
  • Fully digital Loyalty Program for website members
  • Dedicated expertise and support
  • Great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) capabilities
  • Stock management tools
  • Scalable to both small and large enterprises
  • Great for Social Media integration 
  • Website Mobile Optimisation, ideal to browse your website on mobiles and tablets
  • Popularity above all other systems
  • Available to anyone for very affordable pricing